My Vision for PVXPearls

Hello blog readers! I can’t even begin to explain how long it has taken me to finally sit down and start writing this introductory blog entry. I have, I suppose, so feared that people might write unkind things about my writing, or think me unkind in what I’ve written. And I have thus been very apprehensive at the prospect of sharing my apparent talent for writing and observation.

So, please, do try to bear with me. There will be times I will sound vaguely Old-Englishy, even Jane Austenesque, and still more times where I may sound so laid back as to seem lazy or uneducated. Again, I hope you’ll bear with me! This is a test for me, finally pushing myself to write. I invite constructive criticism, but will not publish comments with outright criticism of me, specific blog content, or any of my readers. This is an environment in which I hope to discuss the good in the world, in the context of the bad.
I call this concept Finding Pearls in a Sea of Sand. This is based on my life experiences. I am rather young, but thus far, I have learned a great deal about seeing the good in every situation. And a lot of that learning has been in trial and error. There was a time, which still exists in my life today on occasion, when I was quite judgmental towards others. I had bullies growing up. Nothing too serious, but enough to cause me to question my worth and see bullying in just about every friendship I made until after high school. At the time, the bullies were hurting me.They made me feel dirty and worthless, like a weirdo and a creep. However, as I have grown, I have become so thankful for those times. Out of the sandy and grungy moments of my childhood, I have plucked beautiful iridescent pearls. Because I was bullied, I find that I can understand people so much better, bullies and bullied alike.

I also have such an overwhelming passion for people, especially people who I initially judge. As soon as I find myself judging, I fight it. Because, experience has taught me that I am incredibly wrong. Growing up as a strong Evangelical Christian, I had a real tendency to blame Hollywood for our problems, to be extremely offended by Hollywood’s values. But, around the same time I started rethinking my bullied childhood, I started rethinking my judgment of those with Hollywood values, or those who simply work through Hollywood. And I began to see something.

Hollywood comes, like most things in life, with an enormous amount of bad. But, with an equal or greater amount of good to supplement it. It is our choice whether we will take its good or take its bad. For years, I have gleaned great lessons from movies, TV and music. I hope to share those lessons and ideas with you through this, my first ever blogsite! Finding Pearls in a Sea of Sand.

Please feel free to contact me personally with questions, concerns or discussion suggestions.  🙂

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