Pearls in a Sea of Sand- Spoken Word


Here is a poem I wrote while grappling with the Pearls concept. This is the story of my journey. I hope you will join me in choosing to find Pearls in Hollywood’s seemingly endless sea of sand.

Consider this:

Maybe the world isn’t out to get us.

And maybe its adages can have our trust.

People, not just Christians are made in His own reflection.

Yet, when the world speaks, we react with such rejection.

But imagine if we were to listen

Choose to believe in others and let them in.

Their hearts are broken, same as ours once were.

The difference is that they remain unsure.

They believe they got here by accident.

Now, before we call this blasphemous,

Let’s recognize and remember when we too didn’t know.

Back when we didn’t have a God who did know.

Remember the darkness, the ignorance, the despairing bliss?

Such confusion in us, too many contradicting emotions to list.

Back then, did we presume to know it all?

Or did we simply get back up after each and every fall?

In the world, I don’t see evil,

I see many dreams being fulfilled.

We ignore their success,

we treat them as less

We sneer at their attempts to understand

And forget that we too, at one time, ran.

Truly I believe, despite finding the truth,

We are all still searching, it’s part of youth.

So I challenge us all to see

the world differently than we expect it to be.

To take that irritation

The seemingly ignorant morals which have swept the nation,

And, like oysters, mull it over

Chew on it, let the sandiness slip into your molars.

Don’t spit it out into other people’s faces

Use it to understand other thought races.

Let yourself smile over the good of humanity.

Don’t assume that with every action they come from depravity.

Keep holding it in,

Dare to push past the sin.

And when its done, a pearl of beauty made from the sand,

An iridescent glowing treasure you’ll hold in your hand.



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