Remembering 2014 and what led to the Birth of PVX Pearls

Moving into ministry school was the catalyst of courage that created PVX Pearls.

Prior to the move, my compassion extended to the people I know, and always within the context of strict personal adherence to Modern Pentecostal Christianity (being loud and excited about Jesus and the Bible with friends and with strangers). Being a part of a broad approach to ministry training made me want to do things differently, to have regard for each individual aspect of every person, including the rich, the famous and the twisted. I had always longed to write and was even given an outlet with Spoken Word writing through the church. I wrestled with the concepts that before I had tried so hard to ignore, and, in so doing, I found much more of myself and the kind of person I truly longed to become.

Coming out of it all, I was spiraling, there were so many thoughts clouding my mind, my heart, my attitude. For a short time, I was done with church, determined to think purely for myself and finally be me without having to “destroy myself to raise Jesus higher.” But, then I found a certain camaraderie and community within those who shared my once so dearly held beliefs, and I was reawakened to a newer, deeper form of my faith. One that believes in absolute truth, and very honestly, in God and everything he actually stands for, but does not believe that she, or anyone else, holds that truth absolutely.

All this being said, we enter a new year. I live in another state, my world is entirely different and my choices are like none I’ve ever faced. I miss California. My family, my friends, even my first church (my second will always hold a deep place in my heart, hope they know that.) And I will miss 2014 and the changes it brought. Therefore, I wish to post something now, that I never posted, because it was written prior even to ministry training. This post will be posted above the current one. Hope you enjoy! And feel free to share your thoughts!

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