Listen- A Spoken Word in continual reminiscence


This thinking feels so surreal.

What if there’s a different purpose than choosing to kneel.

An option we ought not to consider.

A road we’re told will make us bitter.

All these warnings lead me to think,

In this chain of life, are we so strong,

And the world the weak and broken link?


We each have our views,

The thought used to drive me crazy.

To not “seek God”,

Throw your hands up in the air,

And say “I don’t know…”

Well, it just seemed lazy.

As always, I’m not leaving God,

Just questioning our method.

Truth is, don’t we really view this world

Like it’s actually dead?

And only we’re alive?

Like everything they say is a lie?

And we only speak the truth,

Especially when we speak into the lives of our youth?


The majority of this world,

They don’t think like us.

They talk about they want, they do what they do,

They even cuss!

And we laugh at them and boycott their thoughts.

All the while, we think of them as caught.

If we think they’re so enslaved, so naive and stuck,

Headed for an eternal torturous path,

Then, tell me, why do we laugh?

And why do we ignore?

Do we really think God only spoke of having love

For the monetarily poor?


Listen to their songs, listen to their hearts,

They just want to be heard,

to show the world their innermost parts.

We say eternity’s at stake, yet we laugh it all away-

As the shattered world barely lives another day.

The unbeliever is a fool, we assure ourselves,

But if we believe what we say we do,

Their ignorance sends them to a despicable fate

Of all eternity in Hell.

Do we believe everything we say?

There’s a Hell but the price was paid?

Do we tell that good news,

or listen to the world news and scoff?

Do we love in light

And laugh at the world in the middle of its fight?

Explore history and see

Why these people are fed up with Christianity!

Why they won’t listen to you and me.

At least eighteen centuries of violent religion,

People living without God were killed and persecuted too,

Or do we think the offensive things

only happen to us and the Jews?

All I’m saying is they have a right to laugh at us.

Take a walk through history,

Or even the now,

And we’re downright ridiculous!

People live their lives

Not knowing why in the hell

They’re on this earth,

Thrust into existence,

Suddenly feeling joy, love and hurt.

They don’t know why

And they don’t want to try,

They’d rather just live as much as they can

Until they die.

As strongly as we believe in our truth,

They believe in theirs.

Not that truth is relative,

That doesn’t work,

Just that we’re all,

On some level,

Figuring our own way

Through the muck and the murk.

God or no God, can’t you see?

Perfect devoted lives isn’t always

How He expects us to be.

We are to love and understand,

To listen to the qualms of man.

And not always for answers,

Not always for the good news.

Not always for paying that love token,

Those religious dues.

Just to hear and understand

And maybe, to become,

Through love, a brotherhood of man.

For straights to love gays,

For Christians to love Muslims.

For each group to dwell in kindness,

Not in hate,

To believe in the goodness of mankind

And to change his eternal fate.

We all have sinned and fall short of His glory.

There is not a single man above another-

Not in this story.

God’s mind is above ours,

So, truth is,

I think we might be doing it wrong.

So let’s choose now,

Let’s listen

To the world’s lonely, confused,

and beautifully realistic

heart song.

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