Renewed Fervor for Media!

When I started this blog, I did not start it to grapple with my own issues and background as much as for recognizing the good in media. It is so frustrating sometimes to listen to the tidal wave of hate against Hollywood, calling movies a ‘cash grab’ or a ‘quick buck’. Everyday people doing their jobs to make money just like we do, except, often, what they do for work affects how we see the world. Hollywood, the way I see it, has always striven for a better standard of behavior, especially as far as treating people. Personal actor problems such as: parties, drugs, and feuds aside, the primary message of the fictions played out for us by Hollywood stars seem to be tolerance, kindness, integration. I intend to show this as I make new posts, taking a break from my personal life and focusing again on movies.

I went back to college recently and I love it! It’s so nice to be back in a culture of learning and, on top of that, it’s nice not to feel offended and defensive about literally every little thing. I’ve been in school almost a month now and I have experienced many things that at one time would have offended me. I love just embracing it now. My English class had an essay comparing movies to Frankenstein. I chose Jurassic Park (I was terrified of Jurassic Park for most of my life.) This analyzing of a movie was such a rush! It’s why I started the blog, to share the beautiful messages in cinema. The important messages. People see racism as an ugly message, not fit for children. I think the inclusion of racism and discussion thereafter is essential for integration and just everyday human kindness. I love talking about the hard stuff, and, a lot of the time, so, it seems, does Hollywood!

So, follow along as we discuss the good in Hollywood once again!


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