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Bio: So, my blog started out as an idea that would push forward Christian values, the ideals that I grew up believing were the most important way to think. Now, it's something different. I really haven't decided what yet. Kind of just a place to express the beauty I still see everywhere... whether that's God or not. I love life, Disney, friendship, movies and Hollywood. I think there is so much goodness in this world, and I want to express that as my blog continues. Mostly, I have learned to be vulnerable and to seek vulnerability with others. This is my life's goal, that no one feel like I have run over their feelings and their ideas in favor of my own. I want to know people, to be a true friend, truer than I have been. There for my friends and able to help them without relying on canned verses and my recycled perspectives of yesterday. Hopefully this blog helps me process this change of heart as I move forward in finding pearls in this seemingly endless sea of sand.

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