The Hollywood Draw

Dear Pearl Finders,

I do not often talk about things other than Hollywood in this blog. I’d like to change that. But before I do that I must say this: Truth is, more than anything, I want to be a part of Hollywood, not the glamour and the shady party stuff you hear about all the time, the movie making process part! It just sounds so wonderful to write a story with other people, bouncing ideas back and forth on story boards and script ideas, considering casting, working with animators or CGI effects teams, just creating something magical on paper and then bringing it to life. That is my passion. That’s why Hollywood draws me.

I cannot believe that Hollywood is what it is purported to be! Shameless, coercive, destructive and vapid in its people and in its messages. Movies have changed lives, TV shows have saved my life from a dull existence more times than once.  Music, no matter what kind, can uplift our spirits and speak to us in a way no one else does. God uses Hollywood, he turns the bad for good, you just have to seek it out, dig it up, mull it over and watch it form into a pearl.

I care about it, I think about them, the individual actors, directors, screenwriters, effects persons, casting directors, producers, score composers, even the extras! They remind me that my dreams are achievable, I don’t have to stay in the same line of work in the same small, dull hometown I’ve lived in since I was seven. It depends on the choices I make, and the chances I take.

Life is about finding what to live for. And I believe the pearls of life are worth living for. The little things that at first appear insignificant, boring, even dirty or strange, but once given time and a little bit of energy, emerge as glowing strings of  pearls.