Forever God’s, no matter who you are.

Due to escalating recent events and the outcry of beloved friends who had never cried out before, I feel it is necessary to share this fairly graphic poem. Racism is still very prevalent and out there, even in my own life. I apologize heartily for any times I didn’t rise to the occasion and defend my fellowman. I thought it was enough to like African Americans, to smile at them and think of icons like “To Kill a Mockingbird’s” Atticus Finch as my heroes.

atticus finch

But it isn’t. This is a real struggle for everyday people, treated as less for the amount of melanin (susceptibility to sun) they have in their DNA. Irrationally feared because they have darker skin.

I guess what I’m trying to say with this is that I see the light and I’m with these, my friends, to the end of time. No life is more important than another. All people are created equal, whether our forefathers understood what that meant when it was penned or not. Its truth transcends their ignorance and I will no longer stand idly by as God’s human creation is mistreated, no matter who they are.


This is the story of a man who believed a lie, a lie that said he was better than others and the story of his redemption.

Who Is Your Demon?

Erin Ritchey


His skin was white, pure and clean,

It bespoke of his worth through its soft, light sheen.

Destined to be the Successor

Over a Klan of angered aggressors,

No one wanted a throne more than he,

Nor deserved it.

He was used to and comfortable with the blood,

The sign of the demonic killed in the mud.

Lynchings and beatings

Never fazed such a warrior,

Chosen at birth to be the Lord’s justice in the land.

Ready to cast out the demons,

descendants of that “curs-ed son of Ham.”

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 25:  About one thousand demonstrators temporarily shut down traffic in the Chinatown business district the day after the Ferguson grand jury decision to not indict officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown case November 25, 2014 in Washington, DC. A St. Louis County grand jury decided to not indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown in August that sparked riots in Ferguson, Missouri, resulting in violence there Monday night.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Convinced of the demon in skin that was dark,

easily swayed think himself light.

And despite all this,

A seemingly clear venture,

A destiny unchallenged,

A rule unfettered,

The Klan’s rule fell in his eyes.

He began to see those he’d demonized,

And, struggling, he cast out the lies.

Thus the man who was the king of destruction,

Was the one chosen by God to administer salvation.

The demons grew faces, emotions and lives;

Those he had demonized,

Had now become humanized.


And he could never be the same.

So I ask you, when you think of this man,

Is what you believe a sham?

Who are you calling “demon”

When they’re really just broken?

Whose heart do you claim to know

But actually choose to hate.

Look into your heart

And how you feel,

And recognize, this Klan is real!

People are easily deceived and easily destroyed,

Burned and beaten like an animal or a cheap toy.


We say Satan has such a hold on our universe,

But he’s defeated, tiny and insignificant.

Though he has power, its hardly formidable.

So, how are you treating others?

Do you look at a human and see a demon?

Don’t fall for this great deception.

We all are created in the image of divinity.

When Jesus took the keys,

It multiplied God’s presence by infinity.

He’s not bound up, He is in all places,

No matter how dark or distorted the faces.

Satan has no image. His identity is no more.

The human person is forever God’s at the core.



New Series! Hollywood Changed Things :)

Hey everyone! I’m starting a series for my blog, hoping to get back on track and to really speak up about my semi-unconventional understanding of Hollywood. So many people fear Hollywood, or make it out to be this twisted or evil thing. I’d like to help change that perspective if I can.  Many complaints against Hollywood speak of its desensitizing nature. The way that the violence makes people think hurting people is okay or that having sex with random strangers is a good idea.

But, I have observed also the good that has come of Hollywood, a good that I think is far more widespread than the evil. Just look around at the world now. They say it’s the last days, the evidence is in the depravity of the world, but look at the world now, post-Hollywood in comparison to a century ago and pre-Hollywood, or even to two millennia ago, in Jesus’ time. One hundred or so years ago, racism governed our country, including racism against Caucasian immigrants and the unfortunate history of the well-known Civil Rights battles. Prior to the all-inclusive influence of radio, TV and movies, parents beat their children under protection of the law. There is more, I believe, that has been greatly affected by the innovation of Hollywood. We’re so constantly talking about the media and its bad messages, why do we so rarely recognize the life-changing ones?

In this series, I hope to discuss the influence of Hollywood on a broader spectrum, drawing from music, movies, TV shows and life to show the positive outcome of Hollywood’s infusion into the world, especially America. Always, what makes Hollywood matter is the people involved. That is the foundation of the PVX Pearls vision and the only reason Hollywood has influence at all. So, let’s take the sandy outlook thrown around America all these years, capture it and find that pearl!