H2O: Just Add Water


I have this new show that I’ve recently gotten into. You may have guessed it is H2O: Just Add Water. See, I’m moving with a family and their son, no, not their daughter, their son really likes it. So, seeing as how it was on Netflix, I thought I’d check it out. Now I’m addicted. To a teenibopper/kids show! Honestly though, this isn’t all that surprising for me.

I have seen the beauty and magic in kid’s movies and TV shows ever since I was a child. What’s funny though, is that despite finding the magic growing up, I always worried about believing in magic or thinking it was cool. It was against what I should believe. I’ve had to recognize the fact now, that magic intrigues me. I like Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter and H2O, in fact, I think these ideas capture all of our hearts on some level.

In H2O, a mere drop of water can turn the three magical friends into beautiful mermaids. What little girl hasn’t thought being a mermaid could be the coolest thing on earth? This show is so innocent, so real and so magical.

I hear the complaint all the time “Ugh, these kid’s shows are losing their morals, TV used to be good. Now it’s just trash.” You know it’s funny though, I’m fairly certain that was our parents’ reactions to our shows growing up. Cartoons and kid’s shows have no substance.” But, if you watch them as you grow, you begin to see that you were being taught valuable lessons in life. Watching old Disney movies always puts me in that mindset. Through movies and TV shows as children, we are almost inevitably taught to persevere through greatest trial, to be kind and accept people in their situations, and to be willing to sacrifice ourselves to protect the lives of others.

My favorite example of this in the show H2O is Rikki and Zane. Both Rikki and Zane have an attitude and a reputation that tells people to back off. They’re both a little rude and blunt and they follow strongly what they feel. You will see, I tend to sympathize with the “villain” types. In the first few episodes Zane is so rude and Rikki so reckless. You never expect to love them more than the other characters. But, as you go deeper into this ocean of beauty and story, Rikki is shown vulnerable and Zane is by her side, sacrificing anything and everything to show he cares. Nobody else trusts him, they see him as the veritable antithesis of trustworthiness. But he has, as TV shows often show, a stronger conscience than many of the others (as does Rikki.)

I would dismiss the notion that the “bad guys” can end up being the “best” guys, even more “good” in their actions than the good guys. But, in my own life, I’ve seen it! Movies and TV shows tell us that our bullies won’t always stay our bullies, our greatest enemy may one day be our strongest ally, the most insufferable person may someday sweep you off your feet. You can never predict what will happen. Bullied at a young age, I never expected those girls to ever accept me, give me a makeover and choose to spend real time with me. But, I found in my early teens that life is not your elementary school bullies, and it isn’t shaped by what they say. One of the rudest girls approached me when I was in school and invited me over. No trick. (I am not saying that people are never cruel, I’m simply relaying my own experience.) Looking around her house with her doting parents who always tried to fit in with her friends and which was a bit of a mess to stay in, I could begin to see why this girl, let’s call her Bethany treated me and others the way she did. We’ve grown apart over the years. She is now out partying all the time, one of those people, that, though popular in grade school, now is a little bit of a loner with a highly publicized drug issue. Hard to run away from these things in a small town.

What I’ve learned in life and through family movies and TV shows is that people are almost never what they appear. People have motivation, whether justified for us or only for them. The trick is to see people as just as lost and confused about life as you are. That’s why Rikki in H2O is my favorite. When Zane tells her about how his dad is always abandoning him, she remarks “So, that’s why you’re such a jerk!” then shares some personal things about her own dad. Sometimes, I feel, that the person who everyone trusts, can be the most unpredictable. They’ll pull the rug out from under you. But, on occasion, the one everyone distrusts will surprise you and be far more down to earth and scared than you would ever expect. I think these people are the most trustworthy. You can see their motivation and test it. They will rise to the occasion every single time.

Anyways, as always, this is a long-winded entry and only barely scratches the surface of this wonderful show. But, it had to be said. Trust can be the most vulnerable thing you ever do in your life, but when we were kids, we were taught to trust. Why should that leave with our interest in watching kid’s entertainment? A trusting, forgiving heart is valuable in this life. You may be hurt, but if you learn to guard your trusting heart, I think life has endless possibilities. I will have to share another post on the show, magic, friendship and secrecy. But, this is my current obsession and I’m loving it. Will follow up with another entry soon. Off to Sunsplash! Hope I don’t get wet! 😉

Mermaid Silhouettes